Small and Sublime

By Angela Alexis, 31 March 2016

As they say, you are the architect of your own life. This is especially true when it comes to your homes since they are a natural reflection of your soul. However, some Homeowners can get stuck because their creativity is bound within the confines of their small house. Here are a few HDB houses that broke out of the norm and proves that creativity has no limits!


01 - Having an Industrial-themed home doesn’t require a large wall or an airy, spacious home. This home proves a quick hack at making your home look Industrial without the necessary elements of space. Just by including weathered gray walls, it gives off the illusion of an Industrial Home. Further incorporating a plethora of wooden textures, their furniture pops out from the background of the neutral color scheme. This, combined with metallic hanging light fixtures, gives the flat an old and raw atmosphere. Additionally, with a couple of vintage items lying around, the house has been given life through a Modern Industrial Look.

Location: Adora Green, Yishun

Size: 990 sqft / 92 m sq

House Type: 4 Room HDB Flat


02 - Eclectic is an easy design to pull off. Since it is reminiscent of various styles, it can be further personalized than most home themes are capable of. For example, combining Scandinavian with Industrial. By sticking to a Monochromatic scheme with a singular color accent, this combination gives the home a very buoyant and light mood. The most impressible feature of this home is that there is a smart usage of storage space. The exhibit of the Homeowner’s collection of shoes can substitute as a Shoe Rack and the shelves along the hallway serves as both a bookcase and display. By beautifying the shelves and locating them at strategic points, this home is able to appear larger than it actually is.



Location: Sengkang

Size: 990 sqft / 92 msq

House Type: 4 Room HDB Flat


03 - There are many reasons why people go for a Minimalistic Design. Since there is little furniture required for this type of design, this house looks effortlessly spacious and breezy just by regulating white tones, along with gray and black accents. It is an understatement to say that it is rich in beauty because the furniture itself hold it’s own flair and adds to the house’s aesthetic. For example, the occasional wooden pieces in the dining room or kitchen. This gives the home a more chic yet welcoming feel, a perfect atmosphere for a small-knit family!

Location: Punggol

Size: 990 sqft / 92 m sq

House Type: 4 Room HDB Flat


04 - This home pays homage to the French Design concept, with a modern twist! With an emphasis on dramatic color layers, the monochromatic colors and pink highlights offer a fun and eccentric mood to the small cosy home. Coupled with a few chandeliers as centrepieces for each room and a large feature wall that is reminiscent of a tufted sofa, the apartment really speaks in volumes of the Homeowner’s taste in style and elegance. The glass partition wall and door between the bedroom and Living Room is a fitting addition, making the loft brighter, which is a huge factor for any French-styled Interiors.

Location: Tanjong Katong

Size: 355 sqft / 32 m sq

House Type: Studio Apartment


05 - Modern is a common and popular design, especially if you like to keep things simple. Of course that doesn’t mean you can't borrow a few elements that you like from other designs! This home throws in a little of oriental designs into the mix, giving a small rooted sense towards the Zen Design. Add a few hanging lights with scandinavian furniture to make it appear personalized and the home is now trendy, fit for any young and newly-wed couple! Just be sure to include some sleek and clean-cut designs, like in the kitchen, to level the mood of a Modern home.

Location: Tampines

Size: 700 sqft / 65 m sq

House Type: 3 Room HDB


Still want to view more stylish and lavishing homes? Look to The Scientist, for more aesthetically pleasing and soul-soothing designs. They not only specialize in remodelling small homes, but big ones as large as a Maisonnette! Contact them for further information.

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