How To Paint Your Home Interior With White

By Ayuni Kadir, 26 April 2016

You may have heard about the latest obsession with anything minimalistic that many are leaning towards. From fashion and photography to now, home interior designs too. Although it is not a relatively new concept since its emergence in the 1960s, this minimalism trend has overtaken home ideas by storm.

One of the common colour palette used in minimalistic home designs are the neutral colours such as black, white and gray that helps to give off a monochromatic look. But in actual fact, these colours can be applied to other home designs. White especially is the basic fundamental widely sorted and used by interior designers because of its versatility. Here are the top 3 white palette ideas widely used in homes that has successfully incorporate it without making it look cold and distant.


Incorporating white into your home does not mean it is a must to coat every inch of the space with it. As white are known to be flexible, any other colours are easily adaptable to it. That said, black is the next commonly resourced colour that goes well with white which brings about the term ‘Monochrome’.

Although not vibrant, the addition of black helps to break the monotony of the white interior that acts as the solid colour base in this interior. It also creates a visual flow that is contrasting. With the right choice in furniture and also arrangement, this duo colour is a good choice if you are more inclined towards the modern and futuristic aspect of home style.  


Brown palette is another customarily sought after shade in home designs. Partnering shades of brown like wood with white makes a perfect pair. The light carpentry that is being used provides a restful and rustic ambiance throughout. Thus giving it more vibrancy than just an all-white interior.

Utilizing these shades helps to bring out the Scandinavian side in your home effortlessly and it’s a mixed between classy and elegant without seemingly trying too hard. However, don’t limit yourself to wooden furniture and parquet, marble in brown hue is also another good choice. Apart from giving another style factor to your home, it adds splendor instantaneously by mixing it with the other textures in your home interior.



Now, if both colour combination above does not appeal to you, an all-white interior will still work. An all-white choice helps in giving the illusion of a spacious home. A blank canvas for homeowners to experiment with, white does not necessarily means dull and boring. It is a chance for creativity to get tested here as furniture and home decorations are easier to assemble and be organized.

But ensure that you use different undertones there is to white such as blue, yellow or pink. These undertones provides a softer approach that helps any light to bounce off making it look gentler and less ‘clinical’. Another aspect of white blanketing your interior, is that you can mix it around with different textures to bring out the personality in your abode. Such textures like white wood parquet paired with rough wall tiles is the essence to making your home friendly-looking.

All in all, an all-white approach could be sophisticated and at the same time also timeless if styled correctly. You could either make or break this choice of palette. So, do ask your interior designers beforehand for more inputs into this type of colours.


These 3 colour palette ideas are for homeowners who are leaning towards this style as it is a rather known choice around home interior designs. Of course there are more colours that you can work around with. For example, adding a splash of pop colour like bright red, yellow or any jazzy hue to your walls to accompany the white foundation, it could give a total lift to your otherwise lackluster home.

But remember the number one rule to designing, never restrict yourself when it comes to creativity in your home interior. 


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