Energy is Future, Make it Bright.

By Rezeca Renewables, 28 September 2016

The Middleground reported a story of 63-year old Derrick Tan, a managing director of a trading company who installed 63 solar panels on the roof of his house. Not only did he find amusement over his shiny solar panelled roof along Grange Road, he also cut his electricity bill by half, paying only $500 that used to be a $1000 monthly bill.

With the rising trend of solar power, many people see the bigger picture of shifting from traditional non-renewable energy resources to a more environment-friendly option. That is, by advocating you to help the world in taking action on rapid climate changes. Going solar is a fun and revolutionary route. Get smart in managing your utilities usage and be zero energy by adopting solar energy. The solar panels could generate amount of solar energy that is sufficient for the household and even more! They can also be used for other usage, such as acting as a thermal insulator to make your house cooler, helping you in saving energy from the air-conditioner. And able to prolong your roofs from gradual wear and tear as a protective covering.

Besides using for household purposes, solar energy can be used for other purposes such as charging car batteries, helping you to cut cost on petrol and making your life so much easier.

Despite the attractive benefits, high installation cost is the reason to why many are still hesitant in using solar panels. Many people see it as an additional expense, leaving out the fact that in the long run, they can save up to $6,476 during the first year of operation. Not only that, by using solar panels that has a 25-year power warranty period, one can get at least 16.67% internal rate of returns (IRR) per annum over the years of period. Imagine that amount of savings yearly for the next 25 years or more!

The initial cost of installing solar panels can be overwhelming, but looking on the bright side, it does not require much maintenance and is able to last a long time. Furthermore, the prices of solar panels has dropped by 80%, so the total cost of utilising solar panels is more economical than before!

In addition, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) has created a more dynamic way of integrating consumers with solar power to supply excess energy to the national grid. With this project, you can save money while contributing to the country’s energy supply as well. The plan of raising the hard cap on the amount of generation sources for consumers to supply allows you to offset the utility bill using the rebate by 600MWp every day. That means, you can be a net producer by day and a consumer by night.

A company that is dedicated to provide quality service to create a sustainable green environment can fulfill the wonderful promise of solar power. It should be a company that can provide you maintenance and extend years of servicing to ensure the best performance of your solar panel. Also, a company that will assure you of assistance in troubleshooting and inspection of the whole system so that it can last longer, so that you can get higher IRR in return.

If you worry about the installation and how to operate solar panels may be difficult and require a lot of effort, don’t worry. The solar panels just need to be connected to your home switchboard without touching any wires in your house. So you can enjoy the benefits of solar panels in safely. The operating method is not much of a hassle too, it will automatically start in the morning and off at night, saving you the time and effort to switch it on and off.

And this is where Rezeca Renewables can help you. As Singapore’s number one residential solarcompany, Rezeca has the promise of delivering you viable and proven renewable energy solutions for your long-term benefit. Being the country’s pioneer in the field of energy power and leading provider of grid-tied residential solar power systems, Rezeca provides you services that ensure the optimum performance of the panels with its 2-year system servicing, real-time system online monitoring and 25 years of warranty. With Rezeca, your solar panels will not only be installed but also be taken great care of.

Hence to guarantee a greater return of investment in solar power system, it is wise to choose the best service provider.  Many people have gone solar, hundreds of houses have already been on this scheme and they are enjoying the benefits every single day. It's your turn! Call us today for a non-obligatory discussion! With Rezeca, you can change the landscape of future energy starting from today!

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