Flooring101: How to Pick the Best Flooring Solution for Homes

By Keith Medrano, 18 October 2016

In a well-developed country like Singapore, people understand the utmost importance of having a proper flooring at home. Aside from its accentuating style and dramatic variance, it is also guaranteed to be of a painless installation. However, with its overwhelming number of variety, the very act of picking the right one with having no adept knowledge about it will definitely get you in trouble.

Just like Mr. Cris Chan who is having a hard time picking the best type of flooring for their new home. Having moved in to Rivervale Crescent, Mr. Chan only ponders on what’s best for every corner of their new haven.

In a chance interview, Mr. Chan has emphasized a few things that he and his family are considering before purchasing flooring: easy to clean, easy to install, warm to walk on, and with fewer tendencies to get slippery.

To help him and every family in Singapore choose the best type of flooring to install, here is the lay-down of flooring you can choose from.




Marble tiles are known to be the most delicately designed flooring. Families who prefer Marble flooring usually seek for a grandeur style and impressive durability for floorings since it helps pose a lush look in a home. As it displays intricacy on designs, it provides vibrancy and elegance to homes for it is typically shiny.

Frequently seen in malls, restaurants and hotels, Marble tiles are also known to be one of the luxurious and sophisticated types of flooring. Thus, it may not be recommended for some with a limited budget.

As it is composed of marbles, this type of tiles is extremely heavy. Therefore, assurance that your sub-floor is strong enough to buckle its weight is a must!

Another drawback is it also has higher tendencies to get slippery when wet, which is basically not very safe for kids who love to play around the room. So, it may not be suitable for Mr. Chan’s family with kids as it may be dangerous when they start running around the house.




If the former seems to be too fancy, homogeneous tiles are generally more affordable. Designed for heavy foot traffic, this type of flooring is amongst the strongest floorings and more importantly, invulnerable to ugly cracks and stains.

It is also incredibly less porous, therefore, less prone to stain absorption compared to ceramics. Minding about your kids spilling their milk on the floor is one less problem.

The bad side of homogeneous tiles is that they are cold and hard on feet, not fit for families longing for the warm embrace of their home. If your family looks forward to a warmer home, homogeneous tiles may be out of your list.

Since homogeneous tiles are heavier, uneasy installation may come across your way. A simple drop from the floor may break the whole porcelain. Homeowners also need to assure there is a strong sub-floor to support its installation. When Mr Chan thought about it, it was not feasible as the floor may be too cold for his kids.


3.       PARQUET


Amazing as it looks, this flooring is composed of identically-sized wooden blocks laid to create a geometric pattern which shows a mosaic for your indoor. Parquet, compared to homogenous tiles, is much warmer under the feet that makes it above others.

Families who prefer earthiness indoors usually root for this for it provides a feeling of the serenity of the wood brought inside home.

However after long years of wear and tear, parquet flooring often requires polishing and varnishing which may be troublesome. In hot and humid climates, the natural wood may crack and creak when walked on. It is also highly susceptible to moisture and humidity.

If you have pets at home, higher maintenance is required for it is evidently porous, making it highly susceptible to dirt absorption as well.

For Mr Chan, parquet flooring requires a higher mode of maintenance as compared to the above, but he seriously was considering this before finding other options.





Wood laminate flooring is thus far, the most versatile amenity in a home because of its natural appearance that creates a very cosy demeanour. Having installed Wood Laminate flooring at home reduces the possibility of burning holes in your pocket for it only requires low maintenance.

Despite it being cheaper than carpet and other types of floorings, Wood Laminate flooring is remarkable for its durability. It is known for being resistant to pressure, scratch and tear for it is dressed with melamine plastic layer—also the reason why it is almost impossible to fade despite direct sunlight.

Wood laminate flooring makes homeowners consider not buying real wood for their flooring for it perfectly imitates the appearance of wood for your interior.

One of the downsides of wood laminate flooring is that no matter how resistant its flooring is, it is still susceptible to water. So no matter what, these type of flooring cannot be installed in the kitchen.




Of all the types of flooring, Vinyl flooring is the perfect poseur of all—mimicking the calmness of nature, the mirroring the smoothness of textiles and projecting the durability of marble floors. The only difference Wood Laminated flooring and Vinyl flooring have is that, the former is wood and the latter is rubber.

Vinyl flooring is waterproof and fireproof and pricing has become more and more competitive. With this flooring, homeowners also find it easy to clean up spills and drips. Families yearning for low maintenance flooring usually bite at this kind of flooring for it is also scratch resistant and nonresistant to slips.

Since vinyl flooring is a hundred percent plastic, installation at home is a piece of cake. Homeowners need not to have strong sub-floors to carry its weight and maintenance only requires regular sweeping, dry mopping or wiping it with clean damp cloth.

Unlike others, Vinyl flooring stands up too well to heavy foot traffic and reduces noise due to its rubber padding at the bottom which is very important for homeowners who hates the noise of walking creaks.

Finally, Mr Chan made his ultimate choice of Vinyl Flooring!

  • Waterproof

  • Fireproof

  • Can wash and scrub

  • Non slippery even when wet

  • Warm to the feet

  • Padded when kids fall


Therefore, it is evident that the most suitable type of flooring for Mr. Chan and his family is the Vinyl Flooring! Vinyl flooring is exactly what the family looks for—easy to clean, easy to install, warm to walk on with fewer tendencies to get slippery.

Through knowing their unique differences, choosing among the various types of floorings is definitely a cut above the rest. Of course, to each his own, every family will find a type of flooring suited to their needs. TBG Marketing offers cutting edge home essentials, including vinyl flooring and invisible gates. So come on down and see what they have to offer!




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