Home Renovation Journey with Kozzi Designers

By Abergale Shepherdson, 22 March 2017

Hi Adelyn, tell us a little about yourselves!

Hi, I’m Adelyn, and I’m a Manager working in an association. My husband is running his own business, and we have a 24-year-old daughter who owns her own Gelato shop. So this is our 3rd house. I love interior design, so for most of my houses I came up with the initial idea of what to do and what I wanted, before passing it on to the interior designers.

How did you come to hear of Loftez?

I actually saw Loftez on Facebook, so I went in to see some of the articles. I thought they were quite interesting, especially since I like interior design myself. There were quite a number of Interior Design companies listed on the website, which inspired me to start looking for one to design my new home.

I looked at about… 10 Interior Designers to design this house, 5-7 of which were from Loftez, before I chose Kozzi.

What theme did you pick for your new home?

I wanted a design unique to myself that stands out, one that gives the impression of a luxurious environment, yet completely welcoming & warm. Especially with the high ceilings in our apartment, we wanted something modern and luxurious. Cool and warm colours were our preferences, to make our house bright and lively.

We’ve shifted 3 times now. My husband and daughter told me that they wanted this to be our final house (laughs) so we really wanted it to be very comfortable and nice. At our first place, which was an HDB flat, it had a simple, wood theme. At our second house, as we stayed there for only 8 months, we left its initial, dramatic design in place.

Since this is our 3rd, and hopefully the last apartment, I wanted it to be beautiful yet comfortable. The key was for our home to be a place my husband and daughter can come home after work and relax in. My daughter works 12-hour days, with only 1 off day, while my husband has his own business, so I wanted to make our home comfortable for when they’re resting.

How did you know that Kozzi Designers were the Interior Designers for you?

Their designs gave off a very luxurious, ‘hotel-feel’, which was what I wanted for this home. Out of all the designers I looked at, I chose Kozzi because they gave me a design that was different from the rest. Most of the designers I talked with would give me a pre-designed, standardised design, something that could be easily ‘copy-pasted’ from one house to another. I wanted a house that was different from everyone else, and with Kozzi, they gave me a design that was unique.

They truly cared about making my home perfect, taking time during their public holidays and weekends to bring me out to shops. They would give me suggestions on which furniture and lights to buy that would best fit my home’s design, but never pressured me to buy on the spot. They were very patient and listened to all my needs throughout the whole process, and were very willing to spend time and effort in making sure I was satisfied with the final design.

Were there any hiccups during the renovation process?

It was actually a really smooth process as they’re very responsible. We clicked really well, and I felt very comfortable with them. There were no tensions throughout our discussions, and after 2 meetings we had become good friends.

The overall in-charge came everyday to check on the process, and updated me daily on what’s happening with my house. When there were hiccups, she would make sure to call and check with me if she could make certain changes. When the structures were up, she took photos to show me how they looked.

After the renovations finished, she even helped to clean up the place! When I found areas that needed touch-ups, I called her and she arranged for the painters to come down immediately to fix the paint jobs.

As someone who gets inspired from the get-go about what I want for my house, taking my kitchen for example, I knew I wanted the kitchen to be brighter. Initially, it was very dark and cramped, with a toilet in the back. I knew I wanted more space by removing the toilet, and a way for more light to enter the kitchen. When I suggested this to Kozzi, they fixed a glass in the wall, allowing for light from the dining area shine into the kitchen, making the kitchen seem bigger.

Any advice for aspiring dream-home owners as they search for the right Interior Designers?

It’s very important to have an idea of what you want your house to look like first. Don’t be afraid to seek out several designers to talk to, compare prices, and get a general feel of what they have to offer.

For example, some of the Interior Design consultants aren’t designers, but rather salesmen, and weren’t able to give advice or answer my design questions. With Kozzi, the consultants I talked to were designers themselves and could explain their concept clearly. Based off what I initially suggested, of course. After your conversation with the interior designers, they should be able to give you some suggestions that meet your expectations.


Thanks Adelyn, we’re so glad you’ve got your dream home!

If you’ll like to make your dream home a reality like Adelyn, check out Kozzi Designers for a personalised design created specially for you.


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